Voice Branding.  What is it? It's a Clear, professional Voice representing your business.  You spend thousands, if not, millions of dollars a year on website development, radio/television commercials, print, social media and more. But most businesses have forgotten one critical aspect of their brand....the Voice.  What does it sound like on the phone, eLearning modules or website? How well does that Voice communicate? Does the Voice accurately convey your brand?


Is it a Clear Voice? 


Contact us today and let The Coop Group be your Clear Business Voice.  



The uniqueness of the human voice.  It can be warm & friendly or crass and cold.  

Thousands of businesses have turned to The Coop Group to provide a consistent Clear Voice for Interactive Voice Response Systems, On-Hold Marketing, Auto Attendants and more.  Let The Coop Group be the first Clear Voice your callers hear each time they contact your business.

Content, design and voice are all critical to producing an effective eLearning program with lasting results. 

Do you have the right voice?

Whether it's Corporate, Education, Government or Medical...The Coop Group provides just the right voice to compliment your eLearning project.  


Take control of what your customers hear. CoopCast Business Radio is a custom radio station created for your company. You choose the genre of music played that best fits your brand & CoopCast produces personal content to keep your customers engaged, informed & increases sales.

Just choose your favorite genre of music and let CoopCast take care of the details.   



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